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We are able to meet all customer needs because we offer a wide range of products with various materials, formats and options.

About us

MICROMEDIA (limited liability company) is a company established in March 2001. From its establishment until today, the company has gone through various development phases, adapting to customer needs and market conditions. It was already in the first year that the company has shown very high level of professionalism and dedication. After 20 years of business, the company can boast of a number of 30 suppliers and over 2000 satisfied customers. Every year is a new challenge for us and is filled with investments, hard work and commitment in order to build a good reputation among our customers and suppliers. Over time, our company has carefully considered all the wishes and needs of the customers and today we can boast of a wide range of products that are used in the following fields:


The wide range of our products ensures that all your needs are met in one place. We also pay great attention to the careful selection of quality and affordable products for all the needs of your business.

Eco-friendly packaging
Styrofoam packaging
Aluminium containers and trays
Cardboard and paper packaging
Garbage and laundry bags
Household and ice bags
Suspender bags
Banana handle and flexi loop handle bag
Paper bag with and without handle
Paper bags for bread and pastries
PVC cups, bottles, plates and cutlery
Polycarbonate glasses
Foils and cellophane
PE films, barrier films and laminated films
Flexible barrier packaging
Labels, stickers
Stretch film, tape, industrial tapes and seals

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Eco packaging

Eco packaging

Eco packaging is an environmentally friendly and modern packaging for your product. Biodegradable and recyclable, it contributes to…

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We are able to respond to all customer needs because we offer a wide range of products with various materials, formats and options. With only one supplier you will have access to different products, ensuring efficiency and better optimization of purchases.

Every product deserves attention in planning, production and presentation. The customer’s first contact with your product is the most important. Therefore, we offer you the service of branding most of the products from the assortment.

Our own logistics ensure fast delivery of products to customers, which makes us a reliable partner.