Eco packaging

Eco packaging – what is it?

Eco packaging is made of recyclable and biodegradable material that has a minimal negative impact on the environment. The authentic look of eco packaging is mostly seen in kraft containers and boxes. Their brown color comes as a natural product of wood pulp.

Be the champions of sustainable development!

Sustainable development is a popular topic and it’s not without a reason. It is insisted on as many ecologically acceptable solutions as possible in order to preserve the environment. Eco friendly packaging will contribute to your business and the environment.
It will make your brand stand out and have its own environmental contribution.

Make a good impression on buyers

Your packaging is the first impression you make on the customer. Impressive packaging is what separates one product from another. It is what makes your product stand out on the shelf. Eco packaging is the only way to reach those who do not follow social networks and media. Let your packaging speak for you. Those who are active will not hesitate to share a photo of a beautifully packaged product with their friends. Don’t be afraid to share a photo or two. You would be amazed by the fact how much your followers want to know about your decisions.

Eco friendly assortment

Our kraft containers are coated on the inside making them waterproof and grease resistant. They are used for all kinds of dishes but also for handmade products.

Here you can find paper straws that are made of high-quality paper and water-based glue. They have health certificates. They are ideal for consuming both cold and hot drinks.

Kraft paper bag is your ideal packaging solution when it comes to durability, versatility and environmental friendliness,100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. They talk about your eco-friendly story at very first glance. You can find them in different styles and sizes. To make your brand more recognizable, you can add your own design.

Wooden cutlery has proven to be an excellent alternative to plastic cutlery. An increasing number of consumers dominantly chooses this option.

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